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The Soccer 4 All program is a youth soccer uniform and equipment donation program whereby uniforms and equipment are donated and collected then resorted to create matching team sets for children playing soccer all over the world. A team set consists of 14 matching jerseys of various youth sizes, 14 matching shorts, socks, 14 pairs of assorted sized cleats, a goalie shirt, and ball. These team sets are then hand delivered to youth soccer teams in countries such as Mexico, Central and South America, and Africa as well as to Bay Area Boys and Girls clubs of America.


Hundreds of team sets have been delivered over the past 5 years. Church and school youth groups, Rotarians, as well as individual families traveling to remote areas all over the world, include duffle bags filled with the team sets along with their regular luggage. Hand delivering these sets is the only way to ensure that the children receive the uniforms and equipment. The joy and delight on the faces of the children as they put a uniform for the first time in their lives is priceless.

For information about making donations or delivering team sets, please call the Orinda Association at 925-254-0800.