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The Orinda Association will host a public forum aimed at providing information about the upcoming $25 million road-repair bond set for the June primary election. 

Wednesday May 4, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Orinda Library Auditorium

There will be speakers from the City of Orinda staff, and from the Orinda Citizens’ Infrastructure Oversight Commission (CIOC). 

Presentations will cover the City’s five-phase Road and Drainage Repairs Plan, progress to date on the plan,  how Measure L funds would be used if approved, the selection process for choosing roads to repair, and other relevant topics.   The information presented is aimed at answering questions about the overall road & drain repair plan, the current status of the repairs done to date, and how the Measure L funds would be spent. 

A Q & A session will follow the presentation.   

The meeting is not structured to be a debate about the merits of Measure L, but rather a chance for citizens to gain a better understanding of how Measure L would fit into the overall City plan, so that citizens can be better informed as they decide how to vote on this important ballot measure.  

The OA will also publish a “Pro-Con” debate about Measure L in the upcoming May issue of The Orinda News. 

For more information, please call the Orinda Association office at 254-0800.