This annual award honors the citizen or group which has displayed outstanding contributions through volunteer efforts that benefit the community of Orinda. 


volunteer of the year Winner Fix Orinda Roads Committee

volunteer of the year Winner Fix Orinda Roads Committee

This annual award honors the citizen or group which has displayed outstanding contributions in the area of education and/or preservation of our environment in celebration of William Penn Mott Jr.


Nominations are welcome from individuals or groups. Click here for a nomination form.  Then send in your nomination via post, or e-mail. The Orinda Community Foundation & The Orinda Association Board of Directors makes the final selection based on the recommendations of the nominees. The winners then join a long list of outstanding citizens who have helped to form and preserve our wonderful community.



Senator Glazer & Brian Waters

The dinner honoring the Citizen of the Year and William Penn Mott, Jr. award recipients is tentatively scheduled to be held on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 6 pm at the Orinda Country Club. 

.Click here for photos from the 2017 Awards dinner.  



 Previous Winners

  • 2017

    Volunteer Award: Janet Riley

    Environmental Award: James Wright

  • 2016

    Volunteer Award: Fix Orinda Roads

    Environmental Award: Brian Waters

  • 2015

    Volunteer Award: Anna Tague

    Environmental Award: Orinda Community Foundation

  • 2014
    Volunteer Award: Dick Burkhalter
    Environmental Award: Orinda Intermediate School - Others First

  • 2013
    Volunteer Award: Orinda Junior Women's Club
    Environmental Award: Orinda Action Day Team

  • 2012
    Volunteer Award: Kay Aaker
    Environmental Award: Elizabeth O'Shea

  • 2011
    Volunteer Award: Chip & Carolyn Herman
    Environmental Award: Barbara Denny

  • 2010
    Volunteer Award: The Orinda Arts Council
    Environmental Award: Orinda Garden Club, Junior Garden Club of Orinda, Montelindo Garden Club and Orinda Valley Garden Club

  • 2009
    Volunteer Award: Terry Murphy
    Environmental Award: Jenny Papka

  • 2008
    Volunteer Award: Lucy Hupp Williams
    Environmental Award: Steve Gentry

  • 2007
    Volunteer Award: Dr. Eugene Gottfried
    Environmental Award: Reg & Kathy Barrett

  • 2006
    Volunteer Award: Infrastructure Committee,
    Environmental Award: Maya Rappaport

  • 2005
    Volunteer of the Year: Ann O’Connell-Nye
    Environmental Award: Susan Watson

  • 2004
    Volunteers of the Year: EFO (Allison Holland)
    Environmental Award: Nora Bain,

  • 2003
    Volunteer Award: Alex Miller
    Environmental Award: Linda Mizes

  • 2002
    Volunteer Award: Julie Whitsitt
    Environmental Award: Toni Fauver

  • 2001
    Volunteer Award: Pam Hall, Jo Alice Canterbury, Lynn Olson, and Cindy Barber representing The Friends of the Orinda Library
    Environmental Award: Chris and Cynthia Crespi, Ron and Rosemary Clendenen

  • 2000
    Volunteer Award: Lynda Leonard
    Environmental Award: Carl Weber, Joyce Helsel, JoAnne Frudden Orinda Association Trees Committee

  • 1999
    Volunteer Award: Steve Harwood
    Environmental Award: Susan DiStefano

  • 1998
    Volunteer Award: Judy Shallat, Carl Weber, Pete Wilson and Amelia Wilson representing the Moraga-Orinda Fire District
    Environmental Award: Cinda MacKinnon

  • 1997
    Volunteer Award: Frank Isola
    Environmental Award: Dan McDonnell and Bill Eddy

  • 1996
    Volunteer Award: Janet Boreta and Midge Zischke
    Environmental Award: Orinda Trails Council

  • 1995
    Volunteer Award: Marianne Aude
    Environmental Award: ($500 gift to Orinda Park & Rec Foundation for the purchase of Orinda Oaks Park in lieu of Environmental Award)

  • 1994
    Volunteer Award: Orinda Road Runners
    Environmental Award: Sue Graf

  • 1993
    Volunteer Award: Jim Hupp
    (1st annual) Environmental Award: Toris Jaeger

  • 1992
    Volunteer Award: Linnea Burnette and Gil Serota

  • 1991
    Volunteer Award: Nora Harlow and John Laye

  • 1990
    Volunteer Award: Bob Paterson and Sheila Wendt

  • 1989
    Volunteer Award: Jim Lubin and Friends of the Orinda Theatre: (Laura Abrams, Nina Horn, Ann Jenkins and Carl Weber)

  • 1988
    Volunteer Award: John Fazel and Gigi Halloran

  • 1987
    Volunteer Award: David Lovall and Sargent Littlehale

  • 1986
    Volunteer Award: Lily Regelsen and Cathy Thompson